The financial toolset that helps general contractors  grow their business.

Use Brick to win more jobs with a standard $500 deposit, access the cash you need to run your business, and never worry about collecting payments again.

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Brick is a financial technology company. Banking services provided by Blue Ridge Bank N.A.; Member FDIC

Focus on building, not chasing payments.

Brick ensures your business always has the cash it needs to let you focus on winning more jobs and miss fewer deadlines.

Win more jobs with a simple $500 client deposit.

Brick makes it easy to avoid client negotiations and build more trust with a standardized and affordable initial deposit option.

Get up to 80% of the project cost upfront

Brick pays you up to 80% of the job value upfront, so you can purchase materials and get subcontractors moving quickly.

Never worry about collecting final payments

Text us photos when you’ve completed the job or defined milestones, and we’ll send funds to you instantly so you don’t have to chase down checks. Brick even handles any change orders or customer disputes.


Starting at just $200 per project

We make our pricing clear and easy to understand, based entirely on the length of the individual project.

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Advance rates depend on the length of the job

1. For jobs that are expected to be 30 days or less in length, you can request funding up to 80% of the job amount. For jobs expected to be 30 days or less in duration, in addition to your upfront funding you will receive a single additional payment at the completion of the project upon our receipt of

Sign off from the homeowner
Photos of completed work
Sign off from the

2. If the job is expected to be approximately two months in duration then the max upfront funding amount is 70%.

3. For jobs that are longer than two months, the max upfront funding is 60%.

Any jobs that are expected to take longer than 30 days will receive additional milestone payments equal to 5% of the job on a monthly basis so long as you send us progress photos and a short narrative of the work that was completed during the month. For example, on a four-month job, the expected funding schedule would be as follows:

Funded Upfront with Signed Homeowner Agreement
Funded on Day 31
Funded on Day 61
Funded on Day 120 at Project Completion
Funded on Day 91