For Homeowners

Start a project with a $500 deposit, with no negotiation.

Brick manages all the upfront payments to the contractors to ensure you're satisfied with the quality of work before you pay on terms that work for your budget.

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Brick is a financial technology company. Banking services provided by Blue Ridge Bank N.A.; Member FDIC

Don't put your hard earned cash at risk.

Use Brick to pay your contractors so you can start quickly with low down payments, get guaranteed quality, and choose flexible payment plans once the work is finished.

Start a project with a $500 deposit, and get a flexible checkout experience.

Brick handles all the upfront payments to the contractors based on milestones we set for each project. You can get a project started with less money down and choose between multiple payment options once the work is done.

Brick makes sure you're paying for high quality work that gets done on time

Brick has your back — working with the contractor directly to make sure your project is done to the agreed upon standard of quality. If any change orders or disputes come up, we handle that, too.

Avoid costly delays and project changes

In the case that a problem with the project needs to be resolved, Brick manages the dispute resolution process between the you and the contractor to make sure we avoid costly delays and changes.

Grow your home’s value

Track how your home improvements increase the value of your home, and discover projects that could add even more value.

All for $0 per project

Never worry about negotiating contractor payments again.